Enviromental Science for Social Change

Science for Social Change is the practical precept that guides the approach of ESSC in all its work. Methodologies and projects developed by ESSC integrate environmental studies and social sciences in reinforcing, clarifying and articulating what people have instinctively known: the relation between people and their way of life.

The Philippines today faces a formidable task of arresting and reversing a downward spiral of social poverty and environmental degradation. Inextricably linked, people and environment are the nation’s major resources requiring critical attention and care. While advancements were made in the area of policy reforms in the last 20 years, these have had very limited positive impact in the war against poverty and environmental degradation. It is in this context that the Environmental Science for Social Change [ESSC] was established in 1997.

ESSC’s work is primarily to undertake national scientific and social research that contributes to the broader understanding of the environment.

ESSC actively engages with communities, local governments, and national and international institutions in exploring better options for natural resource management, new improved methods in watershed rehabilitation, and creating venues for policy discussions, program implementation, and discussion of community concerns in relation to the environment and natural resource management.



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