Dear brothers:

This is to inform you of an opportunity for a group of 12-14 friars to participate in a 13 day pilgrimage to Servite sites in Italy, which will take place from Monday, 23 May to Saturday, 4 June, 2011 and will be conducted in the English language under the direction of the General Secretary for Ongoing Formation.

This ongoing formation initiative was foreseen by the CCXII General Chapter (Ariccia, 8-30 October, 2007), which sought to promote spiritual progress among friars of al! ages and a clear understanding ofthe world we live in (CG 2007, n. 37b). Its overall intention is to promote a spiritual experience through visits, moments of prayer, reflection and sharing related to the particular sites and inspired by the saints and blesseds of the Order. The itinerary, and therefore the program, of this pilgrimage would be the following, subject to further modifications according to the needs and interests of the participants:

1. 23-25 May, 2011: Rome (San Marcello and Santa Maria in Via)
a) Monday, 23 May: arrivai in Rome, visit in the city center.
b) Tuesday, 24 May: visit to the major basilicas, ta ancient sites of the primitive church in Rome, eventually to the tomb of St. Peter.
c) Wednesday, 25 May: general audience with the current successor of St. Peter, Benedict XVI, and departure for Monte Senario, with a stop at Todi, to see the tomb of St. Philip Benizi (the challenge offaith).

2. 25 May -1 June, 2011: Monte Senario
d) Thursday, 26 May: guided visit (a spiritual itinerary): of the Priory of Monte Senario in the morning; of the exterior grounds in the afternoon; time for sharing on the Servite vocation; Marian prayer or prayer to the Seven Founders or to St. Philip Benizi.
e) Friday, 27 May: in the morning: visit to Servite Priory in Siena (Eucharist and lunch with the community; ref1ection on the letter Bear One Another ‘s Burdens); in the afternoon: visit to the city of Siena, the Campo, the cathedral, the hou se of St. Catherine, the Church of St. Dominic (where the relic of the head of St. Catherine is venerated), return to Monte Senario;
f) Saturday, 28 May: in the morning, visit to the city of Florence: the Baptistery, the Cathedral “Santa Maria dei Fiore”, the Church of Santa Croce, the Priory and Shrine of Santissima Annunziata (Marian devotion), Eucharist and lunch with the community; in the aftemoon: free time, visit to Seven Holy Founders Priory and Church, the convent of the Servite Sisters of the Addolorata of Florence (on via Faentina, to see the fresco of the Addolorata by Pietro Annigoni), with prayer to the Addolorata, return to Monte Senario.
g) Sunday, 29 May: free day -program to be established/coordinated by the participants according to their particular interests; rest.
h) Monday, 30 May: in the morning, pilgrimage to Faenza (BI. James Philip Bertoni, the value of the Liturgy) and to Forli (St. Peregrine, the value of the Chapter, see the letter Get Up and Walk); in the afternoon, return to Monte Senario, with a stop in Ravenna (Servite Sisters of Ravenna, Cathedral of San Vitale, Sant’Apollinare, Arian baptistery).
i) Tuesday, 31 May: in the morning, pilgrimage to Viareggio (St. Anthony M. Pucci, the vaille of pastoral ministry); in the afternoon, visit to Pisa (the Servite Sisters of Pisa, the cathedral, the “Leaning Tower”).

3. 1 June, 2011: Ronzano
j) Wednesday, 1 June: in the morning, visit to the two towers in Bologna, the Piazza S. Petronio, the Priory of Santa Maria dei Servi (a friar-architect Andrea da Faenza, the value of study), lunch at Ronzano; in the afternoon, visit to Galeazza (Servite Sisters of Galeazza, visit to the church [body of Blessed Ferdinando Baccilieri], dinner, meeting with the OSM Lay Oiakonia, return to Ronzano.
4.2-4 June, 2011: Vicenza (Monte Berico)
k) Thursday, 2 June: in the morning, visit to Reggio Emilia (refilection on the letter Watch Over the Sanctuary), then Vicenza, Monte Berico; in the afternoon, visit to the Shrine of Monte Berico, the Mission Institute and the priory of Isola Vicentina.
1) Friday, 3 June: in the morning, visit to Venice (Eucharist and lunch with the community); in the afternoon, to Chioggia (Servite Sisters of Chioggia, devotion to the Addolorata), to Padua (Basilica of St. Anthony), Vicenza; in the evening, conclusion and evaluation.
m) Saturday, 4 June: return to Rome, with a stop in Orvieto (cathedral and Servite church).

The cost of the pilgrimage, altogether, would be about 550,00 € per person. Means will be sought to assist friars who may not be able to pay the total cost. Those who are interested in participating in this pilgrimage can communicate their interest directly to the General Secretary for Ongoing Formation (Cu ria generalizia OSM, Piazza San Marcello 5 -00187 Roma, Italia; or before 15 February, 2011.
Depending on the number of participants and the interest shown by friars of the various regional conferences, the same pilgrimage experience can be repeated on other dates and in other languages.



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